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We made our business portable, eliminating the need to maintain individual office spaces.

Our workspace is the Internet. 

For us, running a business outside of a traditional setting has drastically reduced overhead by cutting rent and commuting costs out of the equation. It also increased our operation’s mobility and scaling capacity - going mobile allows us to serve more customers and provide greater value for our services while increasing profit margins. Storing data remotely enables us to access files from anywhere, and for building our business in the cloud. It’s equally important to consider the operational issues involved in running a company that has no fixed office space, so we developed the following strategies.


Our staff is able to work from everywhere. We have set them up with the necessary tools — computers, software, wireless internet, and online communication and collaboration tools. We schedule regular chats with our team, so that we can update them on current priorities and give them opportunities to share what they are working on. Having a virtual office means that there’s no need to be tied to one location.



The right equipment is helping us to work wherever we need or want to be. A smartphone allows us to check and respond to email, use apps, and browse the web. A laptop computer is also essential for when we are on the road. An iPad or other tablet device is useful when a smartphone is too small, but a laptop is too unwieldy to carry with you.



Thanks to advances in telecommunications technology, it’s no longer necessary to meet with clients , employees, or contractors in person. Most business-related correspondence can be handled through email, but for more detailed discussions and presentations, clients and workers can connect via online webinar tools.

SimonSell Headquarter

Visit us in Osprey, Florida.


Since the end of 2013 our new building is finished. Since mid-summer 2014 our new training center, our multi-lingual service team, and our IT department are located in Osprey, Florida.  The rise of mobile workers and the portability of technology continues to push the boundaries of what defines an office. At our new office, open floor plans will replace cubicles, and one-to-one workstations have quietly given way under the weight of real estate compression. We believe that walls, desks, and workspace design influence more than mere aesthetics.