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Neue Programme


Card application fully integrated in the VOI App.

Earn 6 Free Rides and one VOI Mile for every Euro you spend with the new VOI Mastercard GOLD. The new VOI Mastercard is free for all VOI users. The program is fully integrated into the card-N-more Card Reward Platform which guarantees high retention quotes.

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Earn, Burn and Cashback in one tool.

With our software and process solutions, we offer smooth integration into your processes, whether it is a new and innovative CRM tool, a reward application or a community platform. Both EARN and SPEND solutions are available for a variety of industries and can be integrated into your existing CRM environment if required.

An increasing amount of manufacturers of brand name goods are looking for a sales incentive that lays beyond the standard instruments of order starters and cross couponing. The consumer, in this day and age, expects instant validation of the offers and reward certificates that are tied to the just-purchased product. Sending in redemption stickers, product labels, proof of purchase receipts, etc., or providing personal banking information for cash backs is too much of a hassle, and for security reasons no longer the preferred method.


Your Benefit: Cent-IT-Back validation method for on-pack promotions allows for simple and immediate verification of on-pack codes at a fair price.


Calgon - Get a free  cinema voucher per purchase!

Lieken Urkorn - Reward Lottery with instant validation

Reckitt Benckiser - Get €5 Cashback for a Multi-Buy!

Melitta Coffee Pads - Get a free cinema voucher per purchase!

Vanish - Get a free gas card per purchase!

Natural American Spirit -
Key Retail Partner Reward Club

SiSell and WEBWORX

SiSell 3.0 -Your tailormade CRM Solution.

SiSell 3.0 -  SiSell offers a highly effective CRM data bank solution, which tightly integrates itself into the client's process. Millions of transactions are processed through SiSell daily. Powerful and innovative examples include the integral CRM such as for Krombacher Brewery, or the bank standard certified data transfers for Netto Discount Grocery Stores. With SiSell 3.0 one of the leading Consumer CRM solution providers, SimonSell, presents a powerful CRM Database Solution which allows data handling in alignment with certified and high-security standards. Through SiSell 3.0 you can handle millions of transactions every day, no matter if these are reward points, vouchers, coupons or credit card purchases, which are then converted into loyalty points. With WebWorx 3.0 SimonSell presents a marketing analytics tool, which guarantees seamless integration in your community and reward program.



SimonSell WebWorx offers:


  •     Tailormade Data Management Solutions

  •     Administration through WebWorx

  •     Value for Money

  •     Highest Data Security Standards

  •     Reporting and evaluation availability


For Reward Sourcing, choose the rewards with the best brand fit.
Like at the card-N-more Reward Shop.


Our platform for Co-Branded Credit Card Programs


Aside from the simple cash back credit cards and the diverse bonus cards, SimonSell is introducing a completely new Mastercard GOLD card, which offers card benefits up to 300 Euros a year for your customers.

In addition, the card-N-more platform integrates bonus features like...


- Bonus for physical rewards

- Bonus as Cash Back

- Bonus as points or miles for your existing scheme
- Bonus for vouchers and gift cards


Ask us for an individual concept for your future Co-Branded Credit Card Reward Program.

Note: SimonSell is not a credit card issuer. We are the sales and distribution partners of several issuing banks. SimonSell is solely responsible for developing the program and the bonus features.

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